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Voicethreading Across the Curriculum

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  Voicethread Examples




History/Character Development

Letters from the Internment Camps



The Great Depression: Poetry for Two Voices


Art/multiple school collaboration

2nd Grade Art Projects


Elementary Reflection




Math (Student Sample)

Math in Real Life


U.S. History



Middle Reflection





Elections and Campains in America


Collaboration between classes, with ideas including;

French Revolution, Enlightnement, Literature, Art, and Music

Do you think ideas influence event or event influence ideas?


U.S. History/Government

Compare FDR and Obama – US History



Examining Ethnic Voting Patterns


High Reflection


Other Voicethread Resources


Other examples

Scroll down, each are categorized by content area and then by grade level and topic



 How to make a Voicethread Wiki


Instructions on making a Voicethread, with examples.

Mike Hasley Wikispace


Two must have direction sets for educators

Getting Started (educator)

Getting Started in the Classroom (student participation)



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